What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is at the forefront of the local food movement.

CSA provides a mutually beneficial arrangement between a farmer and the community. Customers become members when they purchase a "share" of the garden. In return, the farmer commits to provide freshly harvested, flavourful produce on a weekly basis through the growing season.

The goal of CSA is to reconnect people with the land that sustains them. Members know how and where the food they eat is grown. The farmer is able to connect in a meaningful way to others who care about the food we eat.

Being a member of the Seeds to Greens CSA, leads to a greater awareness of our interdependence with one another and the land. Partnering with a CSA, members share in the bountiful harvest but also the farmer's risk of crop failure. This helps to ensure the survival of rural life.

"Know your farmer, know your food"