About Us

Our farm is located just outside the southeast corner of Calgary's city limits, where it was established when Dick's grandfather came from Idaho in 1925 with his wife and six children. The productive, fertile soil and coulee landscape has been the mainstay for three generations to operate a diverse, mixed farm, including grain, hay and cattle.

The vegetable garden on the farm was an essential part of the Pearson family's life. It filled their summer plates with an assortment of fresh vegetables, and provided the preserves to nourish them during the long winter. Dick's first memory of the garden is sneaking in another hill of pumpkins, so Mom would end up making even more pumpkin pies come fall!

Sue married Dick in 1994, and together, they continued the family's farm tradition. In the spring, life on the farm started with the birth of new calves, the fresh tender growth of spring grass and the planting of new crops. The "big garden" was always for grain crops and the "little garden" for vegetables.

The expanded "little garden" is now the Seeds to Greens operation, and yields a plentiful bounty of healthy fresh vegetables for many more to enjoy.

"Put a face on your food. Knowing who grew your food and
how it was grown, takes eating vegetables to a whole new level"